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Recorded 1990
Label: New Rose Records
Bass – John Tracey
Cello – John Gallagher
Drums – Simon Jeffrey
Engineer – Rob Williams (12)
Flute – Dave Corsby
Guitar [Spanish] – Martin Reed
Keyboards, Arranged By [String, Woodwind, Sax] – Chris Randall
Lead Guitar, Bass – Nick Saloman (tracks: 12 to 14)
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Derek Heffernan
Producer – Paul Roland
Saxophone, Clarinet – Phil Smith
Violin – Jenny Benwell
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Paul Roland

Roaring Boys
Resurrection Joe
The Executioner's Song
Sad Sweet Smile
The Poets And The Painters
Doctor Rocque
The Ministrel's Song
   (Is All Our Love In Vain?)
Come To The Sabbat
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Who Do You Love?
Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache
Roaring Boys
The devil take you all, we're bound for Bedlam,
you'll find no finer boys to take you with them.
I'm running with the roaring Boys.
Some think us rakes and rogues, all high born fellows.
Some swear they'll see us swing upon the gallows.
The mobs' upon our heels, fine sport they'll give us,
if we get buckled boys we'll take some with us.
A good times' guaranteed at Brooks or Billys,
there a flash girls' company for seven guineas.
Resurrection Joe
Creeping through the kirkyard after dark,
a charnel sack and a pick upon the cart,
hangs his coat on a'stone, his lamp and lunch nearby.
Takes a dram from the jug and a bite from ha'penny pie,
he rolls his sleeves and takes a last look round the kirk,
pulls a pick from the cart and with a will he sets to work.
What ya' don't know'll never hurt ya'
So settle up lads with the body snatcher.
He takes a penn'orth o' porter and a side n' slice of meat,
soon the sliffs on the cart will be carved up just as neat
Fresh'n'firm that's how we like them,
it's a pleasure doing business with the doctor's boys
you fine young gentlemen.
There they go, there they go again
There go the resurrection man.
Christine there is much I can't forget,
Christine you are so alike and yet...
Sisters, aye its sisters you could be,
Could it be that she returns to me.
Christine don't want we make a handsome pair,
Christine, you in the clothes she used to wear,
Her look, her vice, her pride - the very same,
Could it be in you she walks again.
Christine you have her carriage and her grace,
Christine, come my dear let us embrace,
you think my fancy strange, it may be so,
But rare's the love like that I used to know.

The Executioner's Song
 He removes the sign over the door "Public Executioner",
His services are not required, "It's time my friend that you retired."
His eyes has dulled as for his hands.... "The post calls for a younger man".
He takes one last look round the square and the scaffold he erected there.
Thirteen years have turned their back on you,
Thirteen years and this life is all he knew.
The axe he proudly ground so fine, the gibbet built to his design,
The mirrored blade in which he'd shave, the kindest cut he ever gave.

 I know no lover like this car of mine.
Black beetle body shell, the devil's own design.
The engines' straining like a hound at heel,
you're in my headlights or you're underneath the wheels
of my Thunderbird.
I've never known a love like this before,
Hell is the highway with my foot hard to floor
I like her perfume and the way it clings,
the burning rubber and the wheels' squeal as she spins.
There's no knowing when I take the wheel,
I only know that I like the way she feels,
So you'd like to burn me, well I bet you would,
Seven souls screaming underneath the hood
Of my Thunderbird
She's not the kind of car I imagined,
Her allure is so hard to define,
I only know I can't live without her
And her fuel is this hunger of mine.
She'll make you jealous.

Sad sweet smile
I'm thinking about a girl that I sued to know
And her sad sweet smile,
I can't help thinking that I miss her so
And her sad sweet smile.
I'm thinking about her, can't help thinking about her
How could I have known there was no one home
Behind that smile,
How could I have known that she lived alone
Behind that smile.
How can I pretend that I never knew
That sad sweet smile,
I couldn't have held back if I wanted to
From that sad sweet smile
Each time I fear I'll find that all my loves' in vain.
And each time I say I'm through yet here I go again.
I'm searching for a girl and one day I'll find
A sad sweet smile,
for I know what I'm looking for lies behind
a sad sweet smile.

Where the houses are hunched like a beggar
In the quarter known as Armand Germain,
I ascended the stairs to the garret
To call on the widow of fortune once again.

The first card foretelling of fortune,
a monkey, it's hand at the wheel,
the next told only that fate lies
with the fool and the hound that is tearing at his heel.
Twelve is the Hanged Man, his debt is paid,
Mutes as the march wind and the flute on which he played.
Thirteen was death on a pale horse, his is the card without name,
fifteen the Horned Goat of Mendes - the Devil and the forms
by which he came.
She then drew the card of the magus
And her breath came faltering and hard,
"Death comes disguised as a young man,
Death for me at the turn of the next card"
The Poets and the Painters
She met him on the staircase as the gallery was closing,
noting as she passed him that tears welled in his eyes,
and turning she called softly "Why sir, you are the painter.
Why then are you grieving, are your dreams not realised?"
And she said "god will be kind to the poets and the painters,
God will be kind to those who used his mind,
God will be kind to the poets and the painters,
God will be kind to thee."
"Madam" he proceed "it's indeed my exhibition.
The pictures you admire I have painted through the years.
Yet only now I see that as I look upon their faces
The promise of my youth it does hold me insincere."
"Once I was enamoured of the muse that he had sent me,
I delighted in her courting and worked unceasingly.
I was feted and I was flattered, but by degrees unfaithful.
I didn't even notice when she deserted me."
"But God looks down and laughs at me,
Still God looks down and laughs at me."
Doctor Rocque

Doctor Rocque Doctor Rocque
He's coming with dreams for sale
He's coming with dreams for sale
Doctor Rocque Doctor Rocque
He's bringing me dreams for sale.
What would I do without you
Doctor Rocque Doctor Rocque
He waits behind the wall of sleep
Where the dreams of the poppy are sweet.
I'm calling Doctor Rocque
The Minstrel's Song (Is our love in vain?)

The jester stays to play the fool
Marooned high on the judge's stool,
With naught but loons for him to rule,
Bewails his heart betrayed him cruel.
The object of his jaundiced eye
Having wept a sea is quite wrung dry
But promises that by and by
Her grief demands another try.
Could it be that all our loves' in vain?
In deference to this sad affair
The minstrel deigns to woo the pair,
He sets his mask of mock despair,
And turns his melancholy air.
In sympathy the minstrel sighs
Of lovers who now love despise,
Who swore in spite if spurned they'd die
To this melancholy lullaby.
Come to the Sabbat

Thirteen I summon in sight of the altar,
Thirteen I summon on the eve of Beltane,
Thirteen I summon to the womb of our coven
And we'll worship the old gods again.
Thirteen will welcome the bride of the altar,
Thirteen will welcome the bride of Beltane,
Thirteen will welcome the bride of our coven,
And we'll worship the horned god again.
Come into the circle with me,
Daughters of darkness and daughters of light,
Come into the circle with me,
Come into the Sabbat this night.
Prepare ye the feast for the bride of the altar,
Prepare ye the feast for the bride of Beltane,
Prepare ye the feast for the bride of our coven,
And we'll worship the old gods again.
Mama has had one of her turns. ‘Why is it child you never learn?
This time you’ve gone too far. Think of your dear papa.
There is play and there’s pretend.
Where one begins the other ends.
It is not done to deceive, those who only ask that  we believe.
They’re much too shy to brave the light,
but if we’re ever so polite.
They might just leave their picture books
and might not mind their picture took.
Fairies! Please, why it’s simply too absurd.
Fairies! Please, I won’t hear another word,
Fairies! Please, it’s simply too absurd,
little girls should be seen and not heard.