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Recorded January 2005. Additional recording and mixing summer/autumn 2005 at Courtfield Recorders, Kent.
Bass – Jim Leverton, John Tracey
Drums, Percussion – Simon Jeffrey
Engineer – Gordon Thrussell
Guitar [Lead] – Derek Heffernan
Mellotron, Organ – Paul Blewitt
Other [Cover Design] – Ralf Schuessler
Producer – Paul Roland
Violin, Cello, Flute – Geoffrey Richardson
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Paul Roland
Written-By – Paul Roland

Chain Gang
Swamp Girl
Abdul Alhazred / Assassins
Charles Dexter Ward
Bonus Tracks
Re-Animator (Alternate Mix)
Abdul Alhazred (Alternate Mix)
Swamp Girl (Alternate Mix)
Bonus CD Sampler Of Tracks From Future Reissues
Twilight Of The Gods
Burnt Orchids
Wyndham Hill
Animal Crackers
The Crimes Of Dr. Cream
The Ratcatcher's Daughter
Resurrection Joe
Aleister Crowley
Dice With The Devil
Even now I shudder to recall
How far and fast from grace that I could fall
a prey to pride, like Lucifer, His unwitting servitor
as I sought the sacred mysteries of life
from grave to gallows with the needle and the knife.
Insensible to fear and to my friends
I pursued my passion to its dreadful end
Until one unholy night By heaven’s unforgiving light
I beheld the creature born under the knife
An abomination, a mockery of life.
As the fluid coursed up through its veins
the vital signs returning once again
it opened one dull vacant eye
Parted parchment lips and cried
and tried in vain convulsions to control Cried,
“You and I are men without a soul.”
Chain Gang
We’re breaking rocks in the midday sun
Sweat ‘n’ strain till our work is done
Bound at the ankle by a ball and chain
a hammer in our hand and sin’s its name.
Bitter is the harvest that the sinner
sows I’m going down Moses and I’m going down slow
I looked over Jordan and what did I see
A band of angels saying ‘set the boy free’.
But Satan don’t sleep nor his strong right hand
our backs bear his mark, it’s the devil’s brand,
And we say, ‘hey Satan won’t you cut some slack?’
But he says ‘sorry boys’ and the whip goes crack.
Satan he walks just like a man and he’ll take you down
if you give him your hand
Have mercy on me, can’t you hear me lord,
Send down your angel with the flaming sword.
Up in the morning when the black cock crows
Swing that pick and haul that load.
The road we’re laying is long and straight
every day leads us further from heaven’s gate
and we say “hey Satan, won’t you cut us some slack?”
But the whip goes crack right across our backs.
Strip down and smell the damp earth
it’s your belated rebirth
Loosen up and be a real man.
Embrace the Mother Goddess
No time to be modest
Loosen up and free the young god Pan
Your heart and pulse rate quickens
You’ll shed your inhibitions
Dig your hooves in and paw the ground
To hell with convention
Give in to self-expression
Get down and make like a rabid hound
There’s nothing like original sin
To satisfy the satyr within Your palms
itch and your mouth dries
As you sense the sap rise
Loosen up and be a natural man
‘I am old, frail indeed and I quiver like a reed’,
sang the fair Taliesin
What made me bitter made me wise,
now I prize love over lies’,
sang the fair Taliesin
‘So lay down your swords and foreswear the art of war’, implored Taliesin
‘Then I will braid seven strings,
seven strands from seven kings for my lyre’,
sang Taleisin
‘Before I was born I assumed many forms
A fox and a hare, a stag and a bear’
‘When the wild geese fly I must bid thee goodbye
Now my song it is sung and a new one begun’
If an echo remains of my song
then your names will live on
Though you sleep ‘neath the ground
you will wake to the sound of my song’.
Hush, don’t try to speak
My friend this is not sleep
Poised upon a single breath
Suspended between life and death.
Hush my friend, be still
You are under my will
Within the seal of Solomon
The accursed necronomicon
Hush for death draws near
My voice is all you hear
Descend through depths of dreamless sleep
Submerge to black fathomless deep
Return my friend Reveal to me
the secret cosmic alchemy.
Swamp Girl
Swamp girl she give me fever
Swamp girl can’t ever leave her
She’s as mean as a bayou alligator
There’s no man alive seen fit to tame her
Swamp girl she making hoodoo
Swamp girl some kind of voodoo
Swamp girl she going hogwild
Swamp girl she’s a real wild childShe is skinning snakes and alligator
There’s no man alive seen fit to tame her
What you cooking girl, a mess of gumbo?
Messing with my head you work your mojo.
Allah abides in every being
The light of dawn, the dusk of evening
Blessed is the all and knowing, Allah.
His the glory without ending
His Will is firm it is unbending
Our sacrifice it is our blessing,
Allah. Allah, Allah al Machdi, Allah Hassan
I Shabba we’re angels of death for Allah
We renounce all earthly treasures
We will taste the fruits of pleasure
His splendour without measure, Allah
Charles Dexter Ward
My name it is Charles Dexter Ward
I am a man of singular tastes
Exquisite sin is etched in my face
My name it is Charles Dexter Ward
I suffer, I’m told, from a rare malady
I have declined to age gracefully
My name it is Charles Dexter Ward
These thoughts are not mine,
they’re alien to me Another,
I fear, has possession of me.
The years they’ve wrought a change in me
I’m not the man I used to be
I can’t go back to Arkham
I sense a vague and lurking fear
A dank unwholesome atmosphere
I should return to Arkham
And still it calls to me
A clammy chill pervades the air
Strangers are not welcome there
But I won’t speak ill of Arkham
Wake me from my dreamless sleep
Please wake me from my dreamless sleep
Arkham’s soul is sick with sin
The sullen houses brooding on the grim,
dark crimes of Arkham
Fearful faces turn away
And blinds are drawn at close of day
When I return to Arkham
Among the churchyard’s mouldering stones
I recognise a name – my own
I have come home to Arkham.
In the ruins of a sunken city great Cthullu he waits
In the sunken cyclopean city great Cthullu he wakes
In dreams I haunt the spectral city and its great cathedrals of stone
Gliding soundless through vast vaulted chambers
I come before his dark throne
We will worship a graven image,
a winged beast from the skies
And call upon great Cthullu,
spread your wings and arise
The sun dimmed and died, stars closed their eyes
And as prophesied we took to the skies.
And if we should travel far, way out far beyond the stars… When wickedness thrives offending thine eyes
As prophesied we’ll take to the skies