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Recorded 1990
Label: PRAS
Copyricht (c): Lithon Music

Acoustic Guitar – Paul Roland
Bass – Joshua Roland
Drum – James Count
Lead Guitar – Sonny Midnight
Organ – Paul Roland, Tony Jacks
Vocals – Paul Roland
Artwork By, Mastered By – Ralf Jesek
Composed By – Paul Roland
Producer – Paul Roland
Engineer – James Utting, Mick Venning

I Was A Teenage Zombie
Bates Motel
How I Escaped From Devil's Island
The Wailing Well
Tortured By The Daughter
   Of Fu Manchu
The Light Of Life Drains Out Of Me
Promised Land
Bonus Tracks
I'm In Love With Myself
I Was A Teenage Zombie (Demo)
Tortured By The Daughter
   Of Fu Man Chu (Demo)
Cain (Demo)
I Was A Teenage Zombie
I took it in the head, it was a .45
But I ain't dead, I'm very much alive.
I know I ain't the same. I got some catching up,
I clawed out of the grave and now I'm all shook up
I lost my hot rod girl, my car's been repossessed
I've gone from feeling blue, to seriously depressed
I can't get a date I fumble, drool and twitch
When you're dead, life is just a bitch.  
Its kind of a drag, you know it's just no fun
When you're half-dead and you're twenty-one
Of all the treasures that I possess,
there is one I prize over all the rest. Maleficent Kali. 
Quite by chance she caught my eye.
And I knew no price could be too high. Maleficent Kali.
A cast of Kali the dark goddess, Kali the cruel, the merciless.
Ask what you will, but there's a price,
all she demands is sacrifice.
Seven arms clasp seven swords to slay for Shiva,
her savage lord.
Those who fail her must suffer the pain,
of never speaking her name again.
The Age of Darkness has begun we beseech you,
Mother embrace your sons.
Bates Motel
I was rolling west on route 66,
just outside Fairvale no more than a couple of clicks
When the sky turned blacker than a biblical plague
and the night descended like the axeman's blade
I turned off the highway to catch some zzzzz's.
The last thing I needed was to shoot the breeze
With the furtive young fellow who answered the bel
the night I checked in to the Bates Motel.
He acted coy, like the boy-next-door,
but scratch the surface and there was so much more
A little shifty and wound real tight, not bad looking,
just not my type.
I said, 'Young man, I'd like a room with a view.
Now what's the best that you can do?'
Threw him a curve, he had to think that through,
he shifted uneasy, stared down at his shoes.
Seems he was all alone in the world,
said his mother was a queer old girl
She hadn't been herself for a while,
then he fixed me with that serpent smile
'I need a shower and something to eat'.
He said 'step in the parlour you look beat
Won't you join me, sir for milk and a bite?'
Couldn't say for sure, but something weren't right.
Now, I'm no shrink but I'd hazzard a guess
that mama's boy was itching to confess
Something he was struggling hard to suppress.
Could be his eyes didn't go with that dress.
"Son, I wasn't born yesterday",
I turned on my heel and hit the highway
I must admit things didn't turn out too well,
the night i checked in to the Bates Motel.
How I Escaped From Devil's Island
I'm crawling 'cross the floor again.
'm on my hands and knees,
I'm sick of stale bread and soup
and fighting rats for cheese
Pacing back and forth all day,
marking time served on the walls.
I swear I'll make it out this time,
be free in no time at all
I've picked the lock of my chains
with a rusted iron nail,
damned if I'll spend another night
in their hell hole of a gaol
Took the knife they gave me
with the slop that tastes like soap,
cut my long grey hair and beard
and braided it like rope
I've got a real peach of a plan.
It's stone cold gauranteed.
I thought about how to get out.
It can't fail to succeed.
I'll escape from Devil's Island
and I'll never come back to this hole again.
I'll escape from Devil's Island
and I'll never set foot in here again.
I'll escape from Devil's Island
and I'll never set eyes on this place again
My finger nails they're long and sharp
and the bars aren't set too deep,
I'll scratch and scrape till I escape
while the gaurds are fast asleep.
Once outside I'll duck and weave,
sneak past without a sound.
Wading waist deep through the swamp
I'll lose their wheezing hounds.
Heat and fever, leeches too
they won't slow me down.
And if by chance I make the break
they'll never track me down.
The Wailing Well
Listen good and heed my words
or they may be the last you heard.
Believe me. Believe me.
Folks hereabouts don't care
to tell of them that comes from the Wailing Well.
Believe me. Believe me.
Rags and bones was all they was,
fluttering rags I knows it
because I seen them. I seen them.
They hadn't much to call their face,
thems that dwells in that accursed place.
I seen them. I seen them.
There was once but three tis said,
them that was living and them that's dead.
Believe me. Believe Me.
So don't you be going where you got no right
or you might be fetched right out of sight.
Believe me. Believe me.
Tortured By The Daughter of Fu Manchu
I'm not the kind of man who can take much pain
I'm the squeamish type and I'm not ashamed
So imagine what kind of state I was in
When I fell into the clutches of Su Long Ming
She's the fiendish daughter of Fu Manchu
Branded with the red and black dragon tattoo
Her finger nails are as long as her legs
Makes grown men want to sit up and beg
She had me drugged and bound in her house of pain
Stripped to the waist and tied in chains
It was futile to struggle or to protest
As she crawled like a scorpion across my chest
I was tortured by the daughter of Fu Manchu
A real mean woman that, through and through
She sunk her nails into my pale white skin
I said, "bring it on sugar, let's do it again."
The Light of Life Drains Out of Me
Is it me or could it be that nothing's as it used to be?
It’s getting darker every day, or at least it seems that way.
I'm all used up. I'm all wrung out. I can't go on.
I'm all used up. I'm all strung out. I've lived too long.
Now I know I've got to go
where a man can take things slow
I guess it’s time to leave behind a life
that is no longer mine.
And board the train that takes me home
to the life that I had known
Where everybody knows my name.
And says "it’s good to see you again".
Where time stands still and waits for me.
And all is as it ought to be.
The light of life drains out of me.
I fear I'm dying by degrees.
In a cafe west of Katmandhu
I fell in with a desperate crew
Ali Khan and his brothers three,
Curly, Moe and Stagger Lee.
I kept my nerve, didn't cut and run,
though they were cut-throats,
brigands every one
And me with a half-assed plan to find
the lost city of Ghenghis Khan.
We drank to fortune, drank to fame,
drank to all the saints by name
And when at last the morning came,
we cracked another bottle and we drank again
We were bad, we were bad we were bad
By noon we'd almost sobered up,
swore 'hang it all, we'll trust to luck',
No map nor compass we possessed,
but we'd see it through nonetheless
For fourteen days and fourteen nights
we wandered like the Israelites
Through sandstorms 'neath the desert sun,
and our bow legged camels almost done
On the fifteenth day we pitched our tent
amidst rumblings of discontent
At the ruins they call Allah's Stair.
Ali got the calling so we left him there
Then tempers flared, harsh words were said.
Curly drew first and shot Moe dead.
You could see Khartoum through the hole in his head.
I knew I was in over my head.
So I called it quits, rode on alone.
No place to go, I headed home
Did I find the treasure? Did I, hell.
But I got me a yarn, a tale to tell.
Promised Land
I had me a vision of the Promised Land.
All Gods chillun they were holding hands
I went down to the river and I joined that holy band
All Gods chillun they knows right from wrong,
but somes they stubborn and them not too strong
I'll learn them sinners if it takes my whole life long
Hey sister, won't you kneel and pray with me.
I am weary but a spirit moves in me.
Hey Sister, When Gabrielle blows his horn,
I am weary but I shall be reborn.
Them old school prophets they were hard as nails
they were touched by the sun but they prevailed
and they didn't smoke something to see the Holy Grail
I took a bride to my bosum like the good book say,
a honky tonk angel, a lamb that strayed
Now I got me a mind to take some more someday

I told my dad I was feeling strange.
He said, "Son it's just your age
Pretty soon you will be a man".
And that's when my troubles really began
I told my mom I was feeling queer
' guess it's not what she wants to hear
She said put your trust into the Lord,
he'll straighten you out, bring you back onboard    
I stay in my room all day,
I don't want to go outside and play
I'm not the good kid I used to be.
I'm a menace to society
I thrown my old toys into the trash
and sold my comics to raise some cash
I'm gonna sell my bike and buy a gun
and you can bet I'm not the only one.
In the beginning there was the word,
but it seems that not everyone heard
Adam was itching, he was real hot for Eve,
she gave it up and Cain was conceived
It wasn't the serpent, who poisoned his soul,
it was that lean mean jellyroll
Adam he crowed that he was the right stuff
and that once just wasn't enough
If there's a heaven then there must be a hell.
If there is light then there's darkness as well
Every pleasure brings the promise of pain,
Every man is a descendant of Cain
And then there was Abel, their favourite son
and Cain knew what had to be done
He turned on his brother, he slew him and fled,
blamed it on the voice that raged in his head
"I can't be what you want me to be",
Cain pleaded in the second degree
Saying "It's not I who must carry the blame,
I won't bear the burden of shame".
If there's a heaven then there must be a hell.
If there is light then there's darkness as well
Every pleasure brings the promise of pain,
Every man is a descendant of Cain
I'm telling you now. And I'm telling the truth,
in each bitter old man there's a cynical youth
I know I'm right. I've had my share.
Bad luck and trouble, you know I've been there.
May you never know hunger, may you never know loss,
may you never look back and count up the cost
May you never regret the things that you've done,
may you never despair at the man you've become.
I'm in love with myself
I've got silken skin and a perfect smile,
charm to spare and a Greek profile
Don't you just wish I was with you,
but that would be too good to be true
When I walk by dressed in the coolest clothes
they say 'here he comes and there he goes'
And the young girls they all ask themselves,
'If he looked at me could I trust myself?'
I don't need no one to agree,
that the way I am is the way to be
And I don't want for company
when all I want is to be with me.
You don't know me, you don't know me at all.
In in Love With Myself
Sometimes I can't believe myself.
I'm good to go right off the shelf
I'm cute I know, bet I taste real sweet,
sure look good enough to eat