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Recorded 1993
Label: Gaslight Records
Bass – Dave Battersby
Drums – Jez Kirkwood
Guitar [Lead] – Ant Walker, Kev Fox (tracks: 9), Nick Saloman (tracks: 3, 7, 10)
Keyboards – Giles Farley
Organ – Kev Fox (tracks: 9)
Violin – Phil Wright (3)
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Paul Roland
Written-By – Paul Roland (tracks: 1 to 7, 9)

The King Will Come
Morgan Le Fay
Beyond The Realm Of Sleep
Sister Jazz
Serpent's Skin
A Thousand And One Nights
I'm Not Like Anybody Else
Waltzing The Square Ring Again
Meadows Of The Sea
Extra Track
Me And The Devil Blues
The King Will Come
When the sleeping Lord bestirs from sleepOn the isle of AvalonHe'll drive the dark hordes from this blighted realmAs foretold when the King will comeIn the circle of the standing stonesHe'll raise the horn up to his lipsAnd sound it thrice to wake his sleeping knightsAs foretold when the King will comeSay it's so, and know that the King will comeOne King shall wield ExcaliburForged when the world was youngOne King shall reign in AlbionThat day when the King will comeMorgan Le FeyHer black ship sailsGliding over the misty watersTo AvalonHer handmaids veiledCome Morgan Le FayBeat black wingsBearing my sovereign lordOver to AvalonDarkness bringsMorgan Le FayCome Morgan Le FayO'er the waters from the high woods of AvalonWho will reignWith Arthur slain by the hand ofMordred his only sonO'er this dark domainBut Morgan Le Fay
Beyond The Realm Of Sleep
Beyond the realm of sleep I passedAnd tore the veil of dreamsAnd rose cocooned in silver threadsUpon a silver streamI found myself on that distant shoreWhere the White Ship waitsAnd I set a course for the city of soulsAnd soon I stood before its gatesI came to the garden where the Buddha satAnd a myriad candles burnedFrom which each soul would take a flameAnd to the world returnChorus: On and on and on and on and on I flewOn and on and on and on and on I grew
Sister Jazz
I walk a lonely streetStalked by that lonesome beatCan't get enough of sweetSister JazzCold fingers down my spineShe does it every timeYou know I've got to findSister JazzShe'll get her hooks in youWon't let go till she's throughNo telling what she'll doSister JazzShe really hits the spot'Plays it really hotYou know she's got the lotSister JazzDown these dark and lonely streetsWho knows when or whereYou'll meetSister Jazz
Where the willow trails its widow’s weeds in waterThere doth she lie thy wan, benighted daughterNo one must weepNo one must weepCold is her bed and hard is her pillowGarlands for her hair entwined with braids of willowNo one must weepNo one must weepLily white her gown which billows in the waterAnd bears her downstreamTill the dark glass closes o’er herNo one must weepFor she but sleeps
Serpent’s Skin
I've lived a thousand livesAnd each that I've survivedGrows another skinTo seal the serpent's stingYou'd like to strip asideThe fears that I would hidePeel away the skinReveal what lies within Shedding another skin, I beginThis mask I hide behindI've shed a thousand timesFor each that you unwindPrepare for what you'll findThese eyes you look intoOnly look back at youAnd, friend, once you beginBeware the serpent's sting
A Thousand And One Nights
In old Baghdad the djinns draw nearAnd whisper in the Sultan’s ear:’None of the treasures that you guardcompare with fair Scheherazade’Come now, sit by my side and take a magic carpet rideJoin my desert caravan and sail the burning riven sandsAcrobats will entertainWhile leopards strain bejewelled chainsBut each would still their breath to hearThe daughter of the Grand VizirBeneath an awning fringed with goldWe’ll sit until your tale is toldA thousand tales you’ll tell and thenI pray you will begin again
(note: riven = patterned)
Waltzing The Square Ring AgainI
dared fortune to make my nameIn sawdust and the ring of painThe fancy for to entertainWaltzing the square ring againWhen first I fought 'twas eighteen roundsIn bare knuckle booths in provincial townsFor a purse, a pie and some renownWaltzing the square ring again'No quarter' asked, 'no quarter' shownThe bruise tattoos are all I ownFor the ring of pain is all I've knownWaltzing the square ring again