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Recorded 2003
Label: Gaslight Records, Black Widow Records
Accordion, Arranged By [Woodwind And String Arrangements], Bass, Harpsichord, Lute, Organ [Pipe Organ], Piano, Woodwind – Chris Randall (2)
Acoustic Guitar, Composed By, Producer, Vocals, Written-By – Paul Roland
Cover – Ralf Schuessler
Engineer, Recorded By – Gordon Thrussell
Harp [Celtic], Mandolin – Richard Dray
Hurdy Gurdy – Phil Martin*
Lead Guitar [Electric] – Andy Young (4)
Percussion – Peter Pracownik
Recorder [Recorders], Saxophone [Saxophones] – Jeff X (3)
Violin – Jenny Benwell
Vocals [Additional] – Joran Elane

Prelude - Mr. Nyman's Garden
Dark Carnival
Dice With The Devil
Lucifer's Servant
Easter 1916
Voodoo Doll
Reprise - Mr. Nyman's Music Room
Extra Tracks
Meadows Of The Sea (Marc Bolan)
I'm Not Like Everybody Else (R.Davies)
Death Of A Clown (D.Davies)
Dazed And Confused (Led Zeppelin)
Easter 1916 (Alternate Version)
Dice With The Devil (Alternative Mix)
Dark Carnival
Mute in black mourning and coiled like a cobra
the Prince of the Underworld leans on his cane,
Dark dreams are his victuals, lost souls are his cargo
His fairground is coming to the town with no name.
On the back porch the barber sharpens his razors
sucking a bubble of blood from his thumb,
In the pulpit the preacher perched like a vulture
absolves absent sinners and drinks to each one.
Inside the mortician prepares rouge and powder
to bring a bloom to each porcelain mask,
He sits in the parlour, plays hymns on the organ
And bows to the mutes as he raises his glass.
Like a funeral procession, the parade winds down Main Street,
To a wheezing pipe organ the dark carnival comes to town.
Oh Musette you’re my cruel addiction
Without you I cease to exist,
So I wear the smile of the pierrot
My fate is sealed with a kiss.
Oh Musette I am fatally wounded
You have dealt me a blow to the heart,
I never know which role you are playing
when the curtain falls and we must part.
Oh Musette you’re my secret obsession
I’d give all but I know that you won’t
Oh Musette I am damned if I love you
And you know I am damned if I don’t.
Dice With the Devil
I’ve wagered a fortune on a roll of the dice,
A pox on the fellow who won’t pay the price,
For whoring and gaming is the life my fine friend
And a jig on the gallows is how it must end.
Two whores at my graveside, bawds in black veils,
The Pallbearers will toast me in claret and ale.
I don’t want the preacher saying rites o’er me,
Pay the gravedigger to sing Annabelle Lee.
Two cards for my headstone, the King and the Knave,
No flowers, no tombstone, the dice mark my grave.
Lay me down easy, lay me down slow,
I’ll dice with the devil till I’m ready to go.
Lucifer’s Servant
I come recommended, I was born into service,
I’m the soul of discretion, my references sound,
I give satisfaction in the best house in England,
For twelve guineas a year and ‘all found’.
I answer the door and if gentlemen callers,
I inform them the master’s not receiving today,
For we have no patience with tiresome tradesmen,
But we never turn ladies away.
I cook all his meals and it gives me great pleasure,
For I’ve a flair for cuisine and I’m a whiz with the wine,
My Flambee Cherise is the talk of all London,
You should see who is dying to dine.
The times I shine are the parties we give,
For the nobs, the swells, the toffs and the spivs,
Who better to know how the other half lives,
Than Lucifer’s servant – his nibs.
I’m Lucifer’s servant, I know how to please him,
You can see he’s a man of the world.
Once I knew a love divine,
But I knew not if this love was mine,
So I tried its constancy,
To see if this fair love was meant for me.
I feigned disdain and set her free,
To see if such a love was to be.
Alas my fears they did prove sound,
And thus I came to spill her life upon the ground.
At first my jest it did impress,
Now sorrow is my song, unceasing, on and on.
I am none and everyone,
A player plays his part while fools do heed the heart.
Oh, but you were my prettiest child.
Come right in for we are almost set,
Rest assured you will have no regrets,
So many lads now lie in Flander’s Fields,
And not every wound can be healed.
Move in close and meet the camera’s eye,
Make believe and give in to the lie,
That death is but a dimming of the light,
And we slip like shadows into the night.
Welcome friends for it is almost time,
Dim the lamps and I will draw the blinds,
I sense the dear departed drawing near,
Have you a message, friend, for someone here?
I have journeyed long and I have journeyed far,
from a fair country where the fair things are,
But ask no more, I say, no more of me,
We are in need of rest, so let us be.
Easter 1916
“Tell me, dear brother, where do you go,
on this bright Easter morning, is it best I don’t know,
in your fine uniform with your brass buttons polished to shine?”
Says he, “it is duty and this day I will do mine.”
“I’m off to stand with the brave volunteers,
With Plunkett and Clarke, with Connolly and Pearce,
So that all sons of Ireland may cast off their chains and be free,
We’ll lay down our lives for the sake of our beloved country.”
“The scholars and poets will lay down their pens,
And they’ll take up arms with the bold Fenian men,
For Ireland unfree shall never, said he, be at peace,
Till Ireland’s united our struggle it never will cease.”
Though they’ve 10,000 Tommies and 40 pound guns,
We’ll make them pay dear before this day is done,
And though the Four Courts are burning and the old GPO is in flames,
We’ll never surrender until we’re a nation again.
A terrible beauty is born from the flames of fair Dublin city,
A terrible beauty is born from the flames of fair Dublin city.
Oh Lord, hear my prayer, have mercy on my soul
Absolve me of the sins committed in thy name.
For five and forty years I observed and kept the faith,
But my transgressions they accuse me once again.
Oh Lord, hear my prayer, don’t turn your face from me,
For of late at Evensong I sense a presence near,
Now I fear for myself, the final reckoning,
Something disturbs the air and chills the atmosphere.
I’ve shared the sacrament, the suffering of my Lord,
I’ve endured the wounds from the thorns that formed the crown,
I’ve tended to my flock, from the cradle to the grave,
Save for those who wretched lie in unconsecrated ground
And at the fatal hour what if the angels come not with tenderness
but with black and burning wings,
Until that fatal hour I fear each passing day,
when the scratching starts and the whispering begins.
And now I find myself alone
And now I fear I am alone.
Voodoo Doll
These waters are dark, these waters are deep
Deep as the glowering sky,
Its shimmering sheen is not what it seems,
The stars have come here to die.
We’re men with no name, taken in chains,
And fed to the great white whale,
Swallowed up whole, body and soul
Then disgorged where the white ship sails.
Dumbala knows, Dumbala sees, Dumbala hears our cry,
We’ve come from the sun to a sorrowful place
Where the stars are cast out of the sky.
White is the wax, keen is the blade,
Blue is the softening flame,
Walk at my will, speak when I say,
Come when I call your name.
Bring me a soul to make her whole, a skin for dancing in,
Cut me a robe from toe to lobe and we’ll hear the spirits sing.